Sunday afternoon took an interesting twist after a trip to replenish our supply of cat litter.  My boyfriend wanted to get a bonsai plant so we went looking at nurseries but didn’t find anything we liked or was in our budget so we decided to go to a place he found on google that we thought was a store but ended up being a dude’s backyard.  It seemed a little sketch at first before we realized what was going on but we spent three hours there and had one of the greatest afternoons learning a crash course on the intricate art of bonsai design from a Filipino man who has been perfecting his craft for the past 30 years.  I had never known enough about bonsais to appreciate how much care and patience goes into creating one and how it takes years to reach the satisfaction of seeing it mature in all its glory.  Bonsai design is completely counterintuitive to my impulsiveness, impatience, and rapid-paced way of usually going about things but one day (by the time I have a kid and it turns 18) our new little stick in the dirt will look as beautiful as one of these guys…


About Blair Urban

Originally from Orange County, now living and working in Los Angeles.
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